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Payroll Currently is a monthly eNewsletter exclusively for PayrollOrg members that contains timely and accurate information on new legislation affecting payroll, benefits, and human resources. Read concise explanations of the latest rules and regulations from the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration, and other federal agencies. Relevant court decisions are also included. This information helps you understand the regulatory changes affecting payroll tax withholding, reporting, and depositing, and keep you in compliance.

Payroll Currently features include Inside Washington – the latest from the PayrollOrg's Government Relations office, state and local news, and occasional special reports.

Payroll Currently readers were the first to learn about:

  • SSA Changes How Employers Sign Up, Access BSO
  • Social Security Trustees Project $167,700 Wage Base for 2024
  • IRS Warns About Third Parties Promoting ERC Claims
  • IRS Announces 2023 High-Cost Locations for Foreign Housing Exclusions

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  • Topical indexes available with each issue

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