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In this edition:

  • IRS Provides Transition Period for SECURE 2.0 Act Roth Requirement
  • ACA Affordability Percentage Decreases to 8.39% for 2024
  • Federal Per Diem Rates Updated for Fiscal Year 2024
  • Employees Have Until September 29 to Resolve E-Verify Mismatches

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Payroll Practice Essentials - October

Acquire the payroll knowledge, skills, and abilities required to ensure payroll compliance. This course teaches fundamental pay calculations through hands-on exercises, then moves on to more complex concepts and calculations.

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Payroll Administration Certificate Program

This course provides intensive training on complex payroll functions and regulations. Attendees explore issues such as how the payroll function impacts the accounting, benefits, and human resources departments, as well as more complicated legal issues like benefits taxation, third-party sick pay reporting, and involuntary deductions.

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Federal Payroll Non-Tax Laws & Regulations

This text contains the exact language of the payroll-related sections of federal non-tax laws and regulations from the United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations. It allows you to quickly reference the Fair Labor Standards Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, Immigration Reform and Control Act, and much more.

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Federal Payroll Tax Laws & Regulations

This text contains the exact language of payroll-related sections of the Internal Revenue Code and corresponding IRS Regulations. Included are final regulations removing automatic time extensions for filing information returns on Forms W-2, amendments by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that became law in 2017, changes to the IRC by the PATH Act, and more.

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