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PayrollOrg Offers Recommendations on Revised Child Support IWO

BY: Adam Prinzo | 09/13/23

PayrollOrg’s Government Relations Task Force (GRTF) Child Support Subcommittee commented on the federal Office of Child Support Services’ (OCSS) proposed revised Income Withholding for Support Order (IWO) in August.

PayrollOrg supported the changes to the IWO to make the form clear and concise. Specifically, by moving the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) language from the form to the instructions, the form will be less cluttered. OCSS also updated the contact email for questions and bolded the references to tribal child support agencies.

Recommended IWO Form Changes

The GRTF asked OCSS to address the following three changes that were not in the proposed revision:

(1) Independent contractors. PayrollOrg recommended adding a checkbox to indicate when the IWO is for an independent contractor and not an employee.

(2) Extra pay period. Occasionally, an employer paying weekly or biweekly will experience an extra pay period, and the resulting amount withheld per pay period might not match the amount directed to be withheld on the IWO. PayrollOrg recommended that OCSS add the recommended calculation method to the IWO under “Note to Employer/Income Withholder.”

(3) Daily pay period. PayrollOrg recommended that OCSS add “$ ___ per daily pay period” to Section IV and include the daily calculation amount in the IWO instructions.

Recommendation for e-IWO

PayrollOrg asked OCSS to allow courts and private attorneys to send non-IV-D child support orders through the electronic IWO (e-IWO) service. Allowing non-IV-D cases to be processed through e-IWO will create consistency and prevent manual processing, especially for employers already using e-IWO.

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Adam Prinzo is the Assistant Manager of Government Relations at PayrollOrg.